i don’t like pain

I got a root canal done today. Well, half of it. I have to go back in two weeks to get a filling in it. The process itself did not hurt much. The shot on the roof of my mouth did though. It hurt a bit. My tooth hurts a bit now. I never knew there would be a day in which I would really actually want to take Advil. I do not like pills… but here I am, wanting a pill. Haha.

God, thank you for medication. I know people would argue that I should ask to heal me, take the minor pain I have away… but as I think about it, you’ve already given me a pain relief. You’ve provided pain medicine. Thank you.

When I say: “I don’t like pain.” I mean physical pain. Emotional… I eventually get over that, but man… physical pain… lasts too long. I don’t like it. It hurts a lot. I guess I understand now, why people cut themselves… because the physical pain is stronger than emotional pain. I wish they didn’t do that. Physical pain is just: blah. Though, I feel like people like to straight on and experience it. Weird people.

I remember when I was little. One day my dad and I were talking about how I hate shots. I told him it was because I did not like needles going into my body, that I didn’t like the idea of something poking me and going through my skin. He smiled and was like: “No Christi, you’re afraid of the pain caused by a needle.” I shook my head. No, I was right, it was just the idea of something poking into my body, something foreign coming into my body.

As I grow up, one day it hit me. I was like: “I am afraid of pain, this is the reason I don’t like needles. I don’t want to hurt!” It was like a revolution. Funny, how my dad knew. Oh parents, they truly know best.

Today, I went and watched the girls on my floor play against my friends from another floor, play floor hockey. I don’t think I’ll ever really want to play that game. I’d rather play a computer or video game with guns, and not play floor hockey. Girls, can be brutal when they get into a game. Maybe I’ll play soccer one day again and hopeful not die or get hurt.


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