something i love

The current time is: 11:14 pm. I should be getting ready for bed, my eyes are really tired, and it would be wise to just sleep.

Yet, here I am, writing on my blog. I love writing. It’s quite funny, when days go by and I haven’t written anything on here… I am writing for my own pleasure deprived! At times I want to write even if I don’t know what to write about! Like today, I made myself find more things to write about… because I wanted to write something. Anything. The anything part was bad, because it caused me to waste two blogs on things that really don’t matter. However, it’s okay, I’m positive God is smiling at me right now. I just smile back at Him. I love Him.

Anyways, I’m listening to IHOP! Soooo good. I love it. I’m so happy IHOP exists. So up lifting and distracting, in a good way! To the point: I’m listening to IHOP and Laura was singing… well technically, she wasn’t anymore because this other girl came up. As I listen to her sing and began to sing myself, I began to realize something. I love singing. Especially when it’s to worship God. My spirit loves it, I love it, and it’s just great.

Music together is something I simply love. I’m not sure what about it, I just loved it.

“Here’s my heart, take it all, leave nothing behind!” They’re singing this right now. Oh… I shall end this year with many new quotes I just absolutely love.

By the way, I feel like walking around, smiling oddly at people, and telling them: “God just takes such a delight in you. He loves you. Just, so much delight!” Nod and then go to another. Maybe another day. But, He does, He delights in all of us. One day, I’m going to sit in the DC at school, look around, and just smiled knowing God delights in each person. He loved them… I can see it now.

11:23 pm!

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