falling in love

As each day goes by, I am falling more in love with someone. Would you like to know who?

He is often refered to as Jesus Christ, Son of God, slain Lamb, Father Spirit Son, Lord of hosts, Maker of heaven and earth, risen One, Redeemer… Let’s say, He just has many names.

Have you ever thought about your love for God? Have you ever desired to just spend time with Him and no one else? Isaiah 54:5 says, “For your Maker is your husband, the Lord of Hosts is His name; and the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer, the God of the whole earth He is called.”

Rewind, “For your Maker is your husband.” I wonder how men take this. I mean, for me, it’s great! I love the Lord being my husband, heck… I get to have the best wedding ever. Haha, loved unconditionally. Though, it has taken me some time to see God as my beloved and not only as my Father. And today, I thought about it, I thought of how men feel when they read this verse. After some time, I decided that if I were a guy, I’d feel relieved!

Would you like to know why? I think you do! The reason why I would feel relieved (if I were a man) would be because finally the burden of providing, caring, being held accountable, protecting, always being the strong one, etc. would no longer be up to me in my relationship as a man with God. Because, honestly, when I think of my husband I think all that above is his responsibility. And if I were a guy, I’d be relieved to know I can go to God and lay all those down, and be the one does not have all that responsibility. Men, probably don’t see this as I do, simply because I am a woman. However, that’s what I think it is for men.

I wish I could be a man for one day. After doing that, I would understand humans a little more. Or maybe I should just ask a guy how he feels to know that God is his… husband? So men, whoever you are, if you are reading this, would you please tell me how you feel about this passage? Does it make you feel less manly or does it relieve you to know God will always take this place in your life, which you have to fulfill in another?

I feel like I did a rubbish job with explaining my thoughts. I hope they are understandable.

Please know, I am falling and am in love with Jesus. My heart aches when I spend no time with Him, I rejoice when I can worship Him with a community of people, I love reading the words in His book. God is the one who can and will fulfill every desire I have.

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