I created an event on facebook.

It’s about praying for abortion and how right now in Houston, TX Planned Parenthood is building the 2nd largest abortion facility in the world. It will be located right in the center of 4 minority neighborhoods – one Black American and the other 3 Hispanic. I’m disappointed, because all these people keep writing things of being “pro-choice.” It sadden my soul when I read what they had to say, so rude. I kept thinking: “they’re bashing the God I love, Jesus the man who came and died for them.”

I got slightly annoyed and angry. How can someone be pro-abortion (I don’t like calling it pro-choice)? A child, a sweet innocent being, killed? Lord, make me strong. Make me bold. Make me courageous.

Father forgive us. For we do not know what we do.

I do not like it when people mock my God, my Father, my Lover.

I shall pray for patience, guidance, love, peace, understanding. I pray God my Father will touch their hearts. Touch their souls.

Nice blog for 2010, huh? haha

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2 thoughts on “disappointment

  1. hey girly,
    first off, i love your header and layout. :)
    and second, I joined the event and plan to pray. I’ll be checking back on this blog. :)
    love you! <33

  2. Well sure, the abortion topic is always a great way to start off a year…
    But I agree with you. Pro-choice isn’t what it should be called. More like Pro-death.
    I mean our side is called Pro- Life and they are the opposite.

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