It’s 2010! Crazy. Time flies.

I remember how big 2000 was. I spent New Years here in America… I think after many New Years in Greece. That was one of the biggest New Years I ever experienced.

Now, 2010, I spent coming into it by worship God & jumping up and down & wishing my body would stop getting so tired. Tonight, I loved every minute of worshiping God with 20,000 other believers in a convention center. God is truly wonderful. Tonight, even though it is 1:30 am in the morning & considered as Friday to me, I am still thinking it as Thursday night. Tonight, I danced, lifted my hands, and worshiped my Creator. I didn’t care about anything anyone else thought. I just wished I could give God more. I got so easily tired from jumping up and down, but boy is Jesus good. I’m positive He watched us all and just smiled. There was a party in Heaven tonight. A party I tell you. God has some amazing things He will be putting forth this new year. People, you ought to get ready. His glory is about to shine.

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