Last night, I didn’t sleep until 5:30.

I wonder what your first thought was. Did you just think that I didn’t sleep until then because I decided to be rebellious since I didn’t have an exam today? I’m in college… people do it all the time. Did you think I was trying to be cool by staying up as late as I could? Well… if you thought any of those, please think again.

One, I wasn’t trying to be rebellious in any way. Two, I really don’t think it’s cool at all to stay up late at night (or all night); frankly, I don’t get why people do it. Three, I honestly like sleep a lot and prefer sleeping as many hours a night I can–if I’m not convinced to stay up to watch a movie. I’m a sucker for movies. Another reason I don’t stay up late is also because I get loopy after 12. My mind stops working and I’m easy to make fun of. My younger sister enjoys it when I’m very tired. Sometimes I am cranky too, but that doesn’t matter.

Anyways! The reason why I stayed up so late was because I drove my wonderful roommate to the airport. An airport that was an hour and seven minutes away from my school. My plan from the beginning was to sleep until 2:30 & then get up and drive her. Somehow… I got all spiked up to stay up and watch a movie. After I was sorta convinced to stay up, even after I knew I needed to sleep… I couldn’t. I had to watch the movie. Soooooo, I stayed up. ALL NIGHT UNTIL 5:30! & I drove.

Today, I felt like a zombie all day. I really wonder if this is how zombies feel in movies and such. The only thing I had to do today to really look like a zombie would have been to put my hands up straight and just walk. I didn’t do that. My zombie feelings also made me feel very unproductive. I had a hard time studying and focusing today. I’m glad school is done tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I’ll finally be able to be with family. : )

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