a bubble

This past weekend I have talked a lot about living in a bubble.  Actually, not only one bubble… a few bubbles.  I shall elaborate!

The big bubble is my school.  The second bubble are my friends.  The third bubble is my self.  The fourth bubble is the society I live in.  The fifth bubble, I haven’t figured out what it is yet.  I just wanted to add a fifth!  : D

Today at church, Pastor Mark VanValin, who’s sermons just seem to be getting more amazing each Sunday, talked about something that struck me to my core.  During his message he spoke about this girl, in a different country who had to live in a bathroom 3×4 for 3 months!  Now, I don’t actually know how small or big a 3×4 bathroom is… but I gathered it was small.  This girl/woman’s whole family was killed.  The only reason she was alive was because the pastor whose house she was in had agreed to hide her in his second bathroom along with 5 (I believe) other women.

Okay, I’m sure right about now… you’re like, so what does this have to do with you living in a bubble Christi?!

: )

The reason why I feel like I live in a bubble is because… I have it so good.  I’m at this school, a great Christian school where I can express my love for Christ freely.  I have a group of friends who accept and love me… who I hope don’t judge me.  A group of friends from which I never have to feel lonely or alone.  A group of friends I can hide out with… and not have to deal with the idea of not having friends.  I have myself.  And I love to cheer myself with the silliest things! I have my society… where even though there is an economic crisis, I don’t actually feel threaten.  Lastly, I feel like my small problems aren’t nearly as big as others.

Do you think this bubble keeps us from truly trusting God?

I’m just weighing my problems with this woman’s who had to send 3 months in a 3×4 bathroom in order to stay alive.  Are worlds are worlds apart.  Could I do what she did?  Not to be prideful, but I think I could.  But still… how do I daily complain about things, when I have it so easy it seems! I’m ready to just live my life as Christ wants me to.  He is my way.  Definitely.

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