A post I wanted to write on Wednesday:

As my school usually does, there was chapel on Wednesday. More exact: Arbor @ Worship for chapel. Truly it was great. I find worshiping God is so amazing. Days I yearn for the time to just be with people and worship Him. I get excited because just the thought of being in a room with a bunch of people who will or about to worship God with me, it just warms my soul. For a while, we are all connect. Our focus is on Him and not on ourselves. At least, I try to not place it on myself.

Many times during worship, I pray. I ask God to help me worship Him the way He should be worshiped by me. At times I feel like there are so many distractions. I have a hard time not thinking about myself. However, so many times God has been great and I have able to worship Him purely. I love it. In that moment of worship I feel connected with a bazillion people! The great part is, while we sing and worship our God, we are being completely honest. I wish honestly was shown more often.

I bet you’re wondering what does all this have to do with words, huh? Well, after worship was done during Arbor @ Worship, this lovely girl came up to share with all the student body. She talked about exploring our passions. About encouraging each other about our passions. Even about loving our passions or looking to find out passions. As she spoke my mind raced, as always. I have always had this bad habit of believing I have no passions… or talents. I still do. And because of that, I believe I am a boring person. Not worth much. <– See, honesty.

However, as chapel came to an end I realized something: I don’t have to be an expert or completely good at something to have a passion for it. I love writing and using words in general. I don’t believe I am good at writing papers, but does that mean I can’t like it? I have decided: no. Sometimes I compare my passion to others. I see other people who like to write and do so all the time… and I don’t. Does that mean I don’t love it as much as them? Does that make me less? I don’t think so. I think God will use my passion one day. I am not be ready for Him to do so yet, but I know He is preparing me. Besides, I would rather let Him use me to write for His will, than mine. Then why press myself to write a book yet? Yes, there are people much younger than me that can just start writing a book story they have in mind… but does that mean I have to, too? Just to prove I like to write? To prove I am good?

One day, I’d like to write in a newspaper. I think it would be fun. Write something that just says Jesus all about it. I think that would be nice. I’d like to do  it. I’d like to read something I wrote in a newspaper and smile, then say to myself: “God gave me that gift.” I think that’d be nice. I’d like it. I’d like to know one day that I translated something which served as a witness to someone. I think that’d be nice. I’d like it very much.

Simply put: I love words. Words can either make my day or ruin it completely. They have such a strong hold on me, that honestly, I don’t know how to change it. I just love them. Maybe one day I’ll write a book about the power of words. I’d like that. It would be quite nice. I like it very much that God has given me a book of words. He’s great.

Lastly, I think I like crafts and simply being creative… even though I’m honestly not creative.

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One thought on “words

  1. You encourage me.
    And this, this encourages me.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    I can’t wait to see the great impact your words will have one day. They already do :)

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