patience & peace

Day in and day out, I’ve wished God would give me the gift of patience. I mean, honestly, how cool would that be? I’d have patience about my future. I’d have patience about my worries. I’d have patience with my loved ones. I’d have patience with the people around me. I’d have patience with the difficulties in life.  I would have PATIENCE IN EVERYTHING. Right now, I’d be jumping up and down because of my awesome patience. Alas, I must admit, I’m not quite good when it comes to patience. I lose it very quick. Well, it depends. However, how could would that be? If I could ask whatever I wanted from God and He would give it right away to me. Because, after He is God, He can do anything. EEE. Wrong answer/thought. How would I learn though? I’d become like a spoiled little child, getting everything my heart desires? Would it be?

I feel like people would destroy the world completely if God gave us everything we wanted. That would be bad, yes.

Today I wrote a paper about orange, for my Biology class. My paper was a Biology & Me and the topic was oranges. For all those of you who do not know, oranges are very very very good for you. First, they have vitamin A. This vitamin is great for good skin and hair, it help with acne! Second, oranges have vitamin B! And this helps mainly with the nervous system and brain health. Third, they have vitaminnn C!! The one we all have come to love and know about. Vitamin C helps boost the immune system and makes people’s bodies stronger, as well as it fights off bad bacteria or viral infections.

Well, would you look at that. God has provided us a fruit (which if we eat everyday) will keep our face & hair looking good, keep our brain kicking, and keep us from getting sick. So, then, can I ask, why do we take so many pills if God’s given us a natural PILL?!

I’ll be eating an orange & apple a day now. You know, they keep the doctor away. :p


Dear Father, please give me peace. There are so many things going on in my head. Show me the direction You want me to take. I don’t want to decide this on my own. I want to be sure of Your plan and direction. I pray You will give me a peace when I make my decision for my major. Show me Your ways. Keep me from doing my will, but let Yours be done! Thank You for Your love & kindness.

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