For the last few days, I have just been tired.

I’m not sure if it more emotionally or physically tired. Though, I’m not quite surprised if it’s a little bit of both. For the past 40 minutes I have been debating if I should just skip biology lab and rest. I don’t have the heart to miss a class, even though I really want to. I’m so tired, but there are so many things that need to be done.

So many things.

Maybe not as many as I describe, but at the moment it seems like a lot. When did life seem to be like a drag? The other day, I was telling a friend of mine, how we live from weekend to weekend. When it’s weekend, it’s great, I’m glad. Then Monday  comes and I begin counting down the days to the weekend. To the days, where life seems to stand a bit more still and calm. Why is that?

I still have no idea what I want from life. Not a clue. People often have dreams of what they’d like their life to look like, but I feel like I have no idea. I just want God present in my life.

I watched a video about teenagers today what Christianity, or well believing in a religion means to them. Goodness, we have a lot of work to do. I know that sounds bad; however, if you think of it, we Christian’s who know about God have a great responsibility. We’re the ones who are going to lead these teenagers.

Pray I start feeling better because I’m somewhat sick. My throat hurts & I cough often.

I like Romans 12:12.

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One thought on “tired

  1. I’m with you, girl. I wonder if our tiredness is somehow connected with our propensity to “live for the weekend.” Why is it we have such a hard time finding contentment and joy in our work, in learning, in time spend bettering ourselves? I always find myself living for what is coming up, what is next, not living in the moment, but always looking forward. I don’t know if that’s necessarily bad, but it prevents me from fully engaging in the present.

    As to your attraction to the calmer, more peaceful weekends…to put it simply, I don’t think we humans were created to have five million activities and commitments going on at once. We have so many different responsibilities and desires that complicate our lives (or we complicate our lives with) that are unnecessary. We are made to glorify God and be with Him…what can be simpler than that? Than just BEING? Perhaps this longing for a calm and peaceful life is actually a longing to be with the Father.

    Love ya girl!

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