I dreaded going at first, and found myself enjoying it greatly.

I think it was an utter blessing to have Eric Gundy stay with my family and I, here in Greece, for a few days. Dad had mention (well told) us all, that were would be going to Albania on Friday (24th July) and return the following day. The thought of being in a car for 4 hours each day, did not appeal to me much. I wasn’t excited or looking forward to it, until Eric told me about the children’s camp they have during the summer.

He told me how it worked, the age group of children, and his own children’s experience of the camp. After talking to him one evening I couldn’t wait to go see the camp and my attitude surprisingly changed. I guess once a children’s camp is mention, and children in general, my spirits can change quickly! Once we got there, it reminded me of my own personal experience at camp, during June.

I think, now, I might have a good idea what I’d like to do in the future…

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